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Apple iPhone XR review: The LCD is not OLED, not bad either
Apple’s intention was clearly to offer a phone that is more affordable. So it has
cut some corners to bring down the cost of the phone. Hence a significant change is the use of an LCD display instead of OLED, what Apple calls a Liquid Retina display. Also, this display is not full HD at 828 x 1792 pixels. With the different types of content I would regularly consume, I could not really see much of a difference in comparison to the iPhone XS Max.

Yes, the colours on the latter appear slightly more richer and the darks a bit deeper, but only when you have really scrutinised the two. The experience of consuming video on this phone will not be below par in any way. The stereo speakers, like with the iPhone XS, add more value to video viewing.

Kaugnay na larawan

Apple iPhone XR review: Just one lens, but still good
The other change, is of course with the camera. There is no dual camera set up here. Apple has opted to go with just the f/1.8, 26mm wide angle camera here. However, it uses the latest sensors from the iPhone XS range. The photos are good with a lot of detail and natural colours.

It offers portrait mode on both sides, but no stage lighting at the back. But the other modes are available. And like in the iPhone XS you can control depth. Also, bokehs are possible and they look good, again not much different from the iPhone XS range. So, if you are willing to forgo some of the features the dual camera offers you, like optical zoom and more controls with portraits, this camera won’t disappoint you.

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Apple iPhone XR review: As powerful at the iPhone XS
Apple has been stressing the point that when it comes to the real experience of using the phone, the iPhone XR does not lack in any way. That is true. For iPhone XR uses the same A12 Bionic processor as the other phones this year, and that shows with anything you do on the XR.

It is as fast the iPhone XS with everything from growing to processing Smart HDR on the camera. It also handles augmented reality apps well. Despite all the heavy lifting, the XR manages to stay cool most of the time.

The iPhone XR, interestingly has a larger battery than the XS because of its size. But the battery life is roughly in the same range and not drastically more. In Indian conditions you will need to charge the phone by end of day.

Apple’s iPhone XR also debuts the eSIM technology for iPhones. However, the feature has not been rolled out yet.

Apple iPhone XR review: Who should buy?
Now, to answer the big question: Who should buy the Apple iPhone XR? Well, the iPhone XR is in a strange space, where it is a more affordable Apple phone from 2018, but is still among the more expensive phones out there. Ideally, this phone makes sense for those on iPhone 7 or earlier models looking for an upgrade, but without spending as much as an XS. Also, for those who don’t really need a dual camera or an OLED screen, this phone makes good sense.

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