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Alternative Communication Channels for Educators: The TweetChat

It is now 40 years ago since the first email was sent. How thrilled many of us were when we were first able to send and receive emails. Friends, family and colleagues at the time wondered what the fuss was about, preferring to communicate by letter or memo. A further 20 years on and the first SMS text was sent in 1992. We now send in excess of 8 trillion text messages a year. Today our communication channels provide ever increasing choices. The growth of social media and digital technology have enabled people from all over the world to communicate and collaborate; many from the mobile devices they carry in their pockets. This year Twitter turned 6 years old and 340 million tweets are now shared per day.
A Conversation


Our own SEDA community regularly share information using Twitter. SEDA’s Twitter name is @seda_uk_ and now has over one and a half thousand followers. Educators from all over world are connecting through Twitter and use this communication channel to share resources and provide a forum for questions and answers. Despite the restriction of 140 characters it is possible to send succinct but very useful messages that anyone can read which contain links to websites, papers, book reviews, news articles as well video, audio or images.
Over the last couple of years a growing number have engaged in online conversations using a #hashtag to collate tweets at a specific event – For example the recent SEDA Conference used #SEDA12.  By typing the hashtag into the Twtter search bar, it will filter all tweets containing this. (See the post Using Twitter to extend the conference: before, during and after for more information about tweeting at conferences).

You can join the 1553 followers of SEDA on Twitter by following @seda_uk_ 


Twitter users are also using hashtags as a means of filtering  a planned discussion. These are often referred to as  a TweetChat. Many take place at regular intervals; others as one offs. The infographic further down this post from Faculty Ecommons has collated examples of the many hashtags used by Educators. A new #hashtag to add to the list is #EmpDevChat. This new TweetChat will be taking place for the first time on December 12th and will provide an opportunity for Educators to try out this new communication channel, either as a participant or an observer.


Employability Twitter ‘chat’ – Wednesday December 12th, 4-5pm

As ‘employability developers’, one of the most important questions for us (and for the people we are working with) concerns the very practical matter of what makes curricular initiatives to increase student employability successful.
We are interested in practical approaches to this, and plan to hold a Twitter chat on “Strategies for Embedding Employability in the HE Curriculum”. Within this general theme, we will present several specific questions and let the conversation develop.  A record of the session will be collated and made available through Storify after the event.
This is an experiment, and we’ve no idea how many people will take part, or if it will be successful, but if so, it may well be the first of a series of such events!
Ruth Lawton (@RuthLawton), Birmingham City University
Jeff Waldock (@jeffwaldock) and Sue Beckingham FSEDA (@suebecks), Sheffield Hallam University
Further information:
What is a TweetChat?
A TweetChat is a virtual meeting or gathering on Twitter to discuss a common topic. The chat usually lasts one hour and will include some questions to stimulate discussion. Questions will be preceded with Q1, Q2, Q3 etc.
For example: Q1 How do we make students recognise employability skills as important and relevant to their course of study? #EmpDevchat
Where will I find the TweetChat?Create an account on Twitter and then use the search facility to find #EmpDevchat. Depending on your Twitter tool you may be able to save this.
How do I take part?If you wish to respond to a question include the hashtag #EmpDevchat within your tweet and precede your tweet with A1, A2, A3 etc.
For example: A1 By including work related activities that help the students develop relevant skills #EmpDevchat.
Do I have to tweet to take part?No you don’t though your contributions will be valued! By following the hashtag #EmpDevchat you can simply read the questions raised and answers by those who respond.
If I can’t make the timeslot can I follow the TweetChat later?Yes you can view the discussion by searching for #EmpDevchat
Will a summary of the session made available afterwards?Yes – we will use Storify to summarise the conversations that each question gives rise to, and post the results back to #EmpDevChat.


Twitter Hashtags Infographic

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